The industrial leading design raised the bar again. The bold and elegant control box with new mudguard in the front offers meet the passion and demand of any serious metal detectorist.

FloatResin chemical technology is specially designed for metal detector coils filling to make it lightweight thus rugged to last long.

TurboD coils are combined with two kidney shape coils to provide deeper penetration and higher mineralization resistance.  


X series metal detectors provide best weight ratio design in the industry.  The original T style handle and shaft provide you the best detecting experience. 

Easy to access 3.5mm audio jack is just hide under the protection cap. 

Get rid of expensive and non-environment friendly commercial batteries. We are the first one to introduce USB rechargeable battery into metal detectors. You can give your detector a refreshing charge by wall charger or by Power bank, solar pad when outdoor.

The total unit weight is only 945g. You can break it down and pack up for the new adventure easily. 

The innovative and simple solution enables you and your kid to share X10. Just simply take off the middle rod and it is a perfect detector for your child. 

Irvine California USA



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