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"Quest metal detectors", where detector meets technology. QUEST is a metal detector manufacturer founded by detectorists just like you, interested in the recovery of artifacts, coins, and other valuable items. The Quest line of Metal Detectors and accessories reflect not only cutting edge technology but value as well.

Our E.U. branch is located in Lippenhuizen the Netherlands to provide fast and efficient service for Europe regions. Quest Metal Detectors and accessories are in a league by themselves. Designs that incorporate users favorite features combined with Quest own features are a winning team. Whether you hunt on land or in the water and no matter what type of treasure you are after, Quest has you covered.

Giving Back
Giving Back

As you might know, the Quest name is come from 3000 names submitted by detectorists all over the world.

Every year we sponsor metal detecting rallies in different areas to encourage more people to join this hobby.  We welcome you to join us in the next detecting festival!

We keep investing more than 30% of our revenue into latest technology developing.  We value our customers and dealers by deliver higher quality metal detectors and accessories.  

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