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Nov 4

Quest Official Facebook Group


Just wanted to share this because it may help get people answers to their questions much faster than posting here.

We have an official Quest Facebook Group over at


It is a very active group and we do try to answer questions as soon as they are posted.


If you are not a member of Facebook and do not want to sign up you can always drop me an email to and I will do my best to answer any Quest related questions you might have.


All the best.



New Posts
  • Hello, I'm Camillo and I have a problem with my Md. When I try to switch on the device it start to make a beep and vibration but it's impossibile to stop it. I attach a video that explain better. Thanks
  • Have you notice on display there is an icon for Wireless headphones? also there is a button right upper side but nothing happens when you push this button. Does X10 has Wireless module inside box?
  • hi all. my xpointer pro cannot be recharged, the red light still blinking after several hours of connecting the charging cable. Pls help. tq.